08 enero, 2014

My body, my senses

After Christmas break, it's time to get back to school!

We'll work on our body, learning vocabulary related to it, and the senses.

Are you ready?

Would like to listen to a story? Here you have a fun and simple one about a green monters. You can eiter read it or watch it. You choose.

Let's start by learning a song by Harry Kindergarten Music called 'When You Use Your Senses- What do you use for each of your 5 senses?'.

Can you name the five senses? Look and you will learn!!

In the following video we will practice both vocabulary and  structures.

Time for singing. With the first video you will learn vocabulary related to the body. With the second one we will practice the structure 'I've got'. Both songs have been taken from Quest 1 (Macmillan).

I have found a nice video that may help you with the vocabulary and structures practiced here.

After hard work, as we usually do, we deserve some games. Enjoy them.

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