19 mayo, 2014


      In this new lesson we are going to learn about daily routines and how to tell the time in Englihs. I know it can be a bit difficult, but... don't worry, you'll do it if you try hard.

First of all, let's start with a song. As we usually do, this song has been taken from Quest 3 (Macmillan).

Once we have practiced the song, we will practice vocabulary on daily routines. Watch it as much as you can so that you learn it well.

We are going to practice, together wirh every day actions, how to tell the time (It's ... o'clock / It's half past .. / It's quarter past ... / It's quarter to...).
For that, you can use the following video:

And you can also use the following LIM I have designed for you , where you can practice everything worked on: Routines, parts of the day, hours and grammar.

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