30 enero, 2014


Hi, kids.
We are going to learn some vocabulary related to food, and how we can express likes and dislikes..

We will first learn a song. Do you know where I've taken it from? Yes, you are right, from Quest 1 (Macmillan)

Do you want to watch a video from "Gogo's adventures with English"? Here you have one.

After enjoying ourselves for a bit, it's time for hard work. Let's learn a little vocabulary on food. Look, read and say the words. You're teacher will help you.

Do you like peas? Do you like ice-cream? I like ice-cream, but I don't like peas! 

Here you have another nice song you can use to learn about food. This time, we also revise the colours in English!
Enjoy your meal!

Do you like salad? A video from Bugs 3 (Macmillan)

Nice songs and videos to practice 'Do you like?" structure, from enozenglish (youtube

This is another video, by Devu Stories (youtube) we can practice the same structure with. 

Do you like fruit pizza?


Time for our last video. Children love sausages and chips. Look at what happens to Charlie in the school Canteen.

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