28 enero, 2014


In this lesson, we will work on dinosaurs. We will learn about different types of dinosaurs, how they look like, what they ate, and do on. After working on vocabulary and structures, you will desing a poster on your favourite dinosaurs.
This is what you will have to do:

Crear su propio mapa mental a MindMeister

In the following link you can find all the information you need. 

This is another website you may find interesting about dinosaurs.

In the following website you can see different examples made by kids. You may find them helpful.

Before we start with hard work, why don't we do something fun and try to draw a dinosaur? Follow the instructions given in the following video. Enjoy it!


Now, time for a song. Can you name the different parts of the body? Why don't we revise them with this song about dinosaurs? (song taken from Quest 3, Macmillan)

And now, just the vocabulary with the body rap taken from the same coursebook (Quest 3; Macmillan)

With the following video you can practice the verb 'have to' and learn about dinosaurs. I've taken the video from youtube, by Hamilton house A

In order to revise everything we've learn, here you have an interesting resource developed by an Englihs teacher called María Abillera Pomar. 

Look at some students' descriptions. 

Let's revise the grammar: HAVE GOT / HAS GOT

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