10 diciembre, 2013

A time for joy!

After a term of hard work, we deserve our holidays!
Before we pack our things, why don't we enjoy ourselves a little bit?
Let's start by reading a funny story about a snowman. (You may probably need to register in order to see the book. I strongly recommend you do it, as, by doing it, you'll have access to a great amount of good books for kids) (Oxford Owl Tree library)

What about learning a song about a snowman?

Time for Christmas Vocabulary. Listen and repeat!

I can't avoid learning a song about Santa. I really love this one. You can find more songs at Dream English kids.

Time for fun. Let's watch a couple of videos.

Time for a game. Let's see how many presents you are able to collect. 

Now, we will practice a little bit of vocabulary related to Christmas. For that, we will use a LIM created by Belen Junquera, an Englihs teacher from another school. I hope you enjoy it.

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