21 noviembre, 2013


What do you know about Olympic sports? How many can you name?

Here you have an album where you can see some of them. Can you think of any other sports?

As you probably know, the last Olympic Games were held in Rio in 2014. But the previous editon took  were held in London. Here you have one of the videos used to promote them. In it, we can see the different sports that took part.


Next Olympics are going  to be held in Tokyo, in 2020. Have you seen their promotional video? Here you have. I hope you like it.

Once we have been introduced the lesson topic, it's time to start working. First of all, time for vocabulary. Here you are the sports word rap. (Music file taken from Quest 3, Macmillan)

Now, time for the song. It's called "What sports can you do?", and it's been taken form Quest 3 (Macmillan)

Do you know who this man is?

Yes! You're right! His name is Usain Bolt, One of the fastest men in the world. He won 9 gold medals! Do you want to see him in action. Here you have a very emotional video. I hope you like it.

But, what about Usain as a child? How did he start training? who encouraged him to become one of the best? You can find the answer in the following video.

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