04 noviembre, 2013

I like animals

Animals are really important in our world. That's why in this new lesson we will learn about animals

But first of all, let's see how much you know about animals. Please, fill in the following questionaire.

Now, let's practice  some VOCABULARY. We  will learn the name of different animals using the song from Macmillan Quest 3, "Animal word rap". Enjoy it.

Now we will learn HOW TO EXPRESS LIKES. For it, again, we will use the song from Quest 3,"Do you like animals?"

Let's talk about different animals, but... what kind of language do we need to know in order to describe animals?

Here you have the wonderful Prezi I found in Helloukina blog done by Ana Unkina. I hope you find it useful.

To finish this learning unit, we will work on a project: We will do our own digital book. In it, we can speak about our favourite animal, giving a brief description of it.

These are the wonderful books our students have made this current school-year 2015-16. Hope you like them!

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What about playing a little bit? Now its time to practice SPELLING. You can play the following game.

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