20 octubre, 2013


Working with very young learners is not an easy task. Finding   attractive and appealing activities is sometimes quite a really hard job, specially when trying to work on rhythm and pronunciation.

Nevertheless, it is generally thought that one of the most sucessful ways to introduce children to the real sounds of the English language is by means of poems and nursery rhymes.

In many ocassions we don't feel confident enought to deal with these issues, as we think our own pronunciation is not the appropriate one, because we are not native speakers.

 In order to help you overcome that little obstacle, I've been searching the net, and I have found quite interesting websites that you may find interesting.

Have a look at them, enjoy them and decide... are they worth using?

Nursery rhymes store
Funny poetry for children
Preschool rhymes
Nursery rhymes with listening
Nursery rhymes coloring pages
nursery rhymes to print and color
Nursery rhymes with voice sound or music
a lot of nursery rhymes with audio

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